Internship Program

Define Internship
Valley is looking for students to fulfill internship roles during the summer months and perhaps, even during the school year.  We believe an internship is a student work experience that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom, enabling the student to gain practical experience as a professional under conditions conducive to educational development.  The internship should introduce the student to the transition from college to work and allow for personal, professional development. If you are interetsed in applying for an internship after reading the program information below, please send resumes to

Program Goals & Objectives
Our internship’s program goals are centered around providing meaningful benefit to the student, as well as Valley Construction Company.  Following our structured program, a student will gain an overall understanding of the different managerial processes regarding construction management and administration in both the field and the office.  They will observe and participate in all aspects of construction management that are typically encountered in the construction work place.  Providing the right experience will allow the student to integrate and utilize classroom gained knowledge and apply that knowledge to situations presented via the work experience.  By the end of their experience, the student will also have gained a network of industry professionals.  This program benefits the student moving forward being to better evaluate career alternatives.    
Educational Background Requirements & Eligibility
The internship program is open to college students studying a relevant field of education.  I.E. Construction Management, Construction Engineering, Accounting, Diesel Technology, etc.  The student must have a vailed driver’s license and pass pre-employment drug screening.  Valley Construction Company will provide housing advice, however it is up to the student to find and pay for all housing related expenses. 
Time Requirements
The internship positions offered during the summer months are considered full time positions.  Expectations would be for minimum 40-hour work weeks and more if additional time is needed.   Start and end dates will coincide with the student’s school schedule. 
Work Attire & Environment
Students will be expected to dress professionally while they are working for Valley Construction Company.  While in the office, appropriate attire includes jeans or kakis, shirts with collars and appropriate leather footwear, etc.  While in the field, interns will be expected to where jeans, shirts with sleeves, boots suitable for a construction site and all safety program required PPE. 
Work Plan
Construction Management & Engineering Students – Students will be strategically introduced to the construction process, starting in estimating.  While in estimating, the student will be exposed to plan reading, takeoffs, estimating and contract execution.  Once the student gets familiar with the pre-construction process, they will be assigned to a project or projects in the field.  Here, they will observe and participate in the various aspects of actual construction.  Job assignments will be based on company workload and student interest.  Once a good understanding of the field construction process is in place, the student will finish by being teamed with a project manager and get exposed to contract management, scheduling and subcontractor relationships. Students whose educational bakground and interest lies in material testing or oterh aspects of construction can be introduced to other aspects of the construcdtion process.  
Job Descriptions
The plan is specifically designed to expose the student to the multiple aspects of the construction process during their internship.  Typical job duties for the intern, based on educational background might include:
  • Estimating & Pre-Construction
    • Specification analysis
    • Takeoffs & Plan Reading
    • Material and subcontractor quote analysis
    • Bid Submission
    • Attend meetings as required
    • Misc. tasks as required
  • Field Operations
    • Subcontractor coordination
    • Material ordering
    • Construction Crew Accounting
    • Quantity Verifications
    • Project Meeting Attendance &Documentation
    • Job Cost Review
    • Construction Scheduling
    • Observe construction operations 
    • Material Quality Control
    • Misc. tasks as required
Valley Construction Company typically offers pay for interns while they go through the internship program. The typical pay structure is based on an hourly rate, paid weekly. Pay rate is based on relevant experience.
In order to insure the intern gets off on the right start, a formal orientation process is executed on the first day of the season.  In that orientation the student is explained the following:
  • Internship Agreement
  • Staff introductions with applicable directory
  • Tour of facility
  • Tour of jobsites
  • Safety, PPE Assignment
  • Assign to workstation if applicable
  • Policies and procedures
  • Review Responsibilities and Expectations
  • Meet with Mentor 
In an effort to make sure the intern does not get lost in the busy shuffle of the construction process, each student will be assigned a Mentor.  This mentor will advise the intern on program expectations and goals for the season.  Also, the mentor will make themselves available to the intern for consultation as questions arise on work assignments.  They will monitor the progress of the intern by reviewing time sheets and also perform the final evaluations at the end of the season. 
Executive Interview
Each student will be given a very hand on experience during their season with Valley Construction Company.  The hands on time is invaluable.  However, to continue to try and provide value to the intern, each student will be given the chance to sit down with Executives from the company to ask pertinent questions.  This gives the student the chance to ask about relevant job skills needed after school, relevant experience attractive to employers, or any other question that might come up. 
At the conclusion of the season, each intern will be given a formal evaluation by their mentor.  Although ongoing feedback will be provided as required, this final, formal evaluation gives the student a post program evaluation that explains areas of success and potential growth opportunities.