Construction Management

Schweibert Park, City of Rock Island, IL

As part of the City of Rock Island's efforts to improve access to one of the area's primary tourists' attractions- the Mississippi River, Valley Construction Company was responsible for the demolition of the former Armory, a 200K square foot structure on the site of the new park.  The Armory came down quickly and safely and Valley began the work to prepare the site for its' new role as a park, showcasing Rock Island's commitment to providing green space and river access to its' residents.  Past the demolition and the site work, Valley was also selected as the Construction Manager for this $10 million project.  The park provides visitors with sweeping views of the river, an open air stage, playground areas, an interactive fountain, an overlook shelter, waterfront promenade, bike trail and beautifully landscaped grounds.  When the Mississippi River floods, removable flood walls provide vital protection.  The resulting park is stellar example of redevelopment of former industrial space into a beautiful public space that draws visitors from all over the United States.