Energy Services

Independent Spent Fuel Storage Facilities, Multiple Power Stations

Valley Construction Company was contracted to construct Independent Spent Fuel Storage Facilities (ISFSI) throughout the state of Illinois for Exelon Generation Co.  The projects consisted of construction of a transporter haul path, ISFSI storage pads, design and construction of pre-engineered metal storage building.  Valley was responsible for the earthwork, concrete paving and structural foundations and slabs, design and construction of the storage/office buildings, as well as the construction management of all security related subcontractors including electrical and fencing work.    

Retention Wall & Tank Foundation, Clinton Power Station
Valley Construction Company was contracted to complete a project inside the protected area of the Clinton Power Station associated with a new cycled condensate tank and piping project.  Specifically, the project consisted of demolition of existing slope protection, installation of a 40’ tall mechanically stabilized earth retention wall, with associated earthwork, utilities, reinforced backfill and 36” concrete tank foundation and installation of fabriform slope protection.  The project faced many challenges including tight schedules, construction through winter months and security restrictions.  The project hit all scheduled milestones and was completed on time.