Flood Protection, Modern Woodmen Park, City of Davenport, Iowa

After season ending floods in 1993 and 2001 interrupted play at one of minor league baseball's oldest stadiums, the City of Davenport completed a $12 million flood protection project.  Those improvements withstood the next flood of 2008, but not without sandbags and temporary earthwork.  Phase 2 of the project began and the improvements included 12,000 square yards of new concrete paving, a removablable floodwall system and a removable bridge system that allowed baseball to be played even when the park was surrounded by floodwaters.  Despite soil difficulty, the project was completed on budget and without missing any baseball during the 2011 season.   

New Flood Wall, US Army Corps of Engineers/City of Davenport/Iowa American Water Company

After many years of repeated flooding, the US Army Corps of Engineers committed federal funds and designed a flood wall to be built at the site of the Iowa American Water Company.  They were joined by the City of Davenport and Iowa American Water Company on this ambitious $11 million project, contracting with Valley to build a 2,200 foot-long floodwall and 200 feet of earthen levee to protect the water plant, which is the main source of water for the Iowa Quad Cities.  The work also involves construction of three gatewells and movement of the riverfront recreational path.  Valley is proud to have received many favorable reviews from the Corps. of Engineers, resulting in additional work being awarded. Click here for more information about this project.