Creating a safe work place for our employees is part of our company's core values and company mission.  As a result, we take pride in the overall company safety culture and safety practices of our employees. Each employee is provided with the training and resources to identify hazards, and empowered to stop work when a safety hazard is perceived.  All company supervisors are required to attend continuing education training classes and complete the OSHA 30 training course for construction safety.  Each day starts with safety planning meetings and all crew members are encouraged with positive engagement discussing the days activities.


This approach to safety is the reason Valley Construction Company has an incident rate 30 to 40 percent below the national average for construction and we consistently receive awards for our safety performance. Clients receive increased productivity and lower costs for their projects and employees come to work with the peace of mind that their employer is making sure they go home safe everyday.   Our crews have worked in some of the most safety intensive environments in any industry, including projects for the nuclear and chemical industry as well as international airports and military bases.  Our clients have demanded unparalleled levels of safety and security and our crews consistently deliver.