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Faster. Easier. Efficient. Effective. EZ Street asphalt lets you show potholes who’s boss. As well as utility cuts, overlays, catch basins, manhole adjustments, edges, water valve surrounds…just name your asphalt repair. In both asphalt and concrete pavement applications, EZ Street asphalt helps you work more quickly, save money, and be kinder to the environment. EZ Street asphalt is a high-quality, polymer modified cold asphalt blend.

EZ Street asphalt is guaranteed permanent, which means one trip for a repair, not multiple trips for temporary patches and permanent patches. Good for the environment and budget, reducing repair hours for crews and equipment. Manufactured to stringent quality control standards, the EZ Street product has an extended shelf life. It can be stored at your location for up to one year before use. And it’s always ready to work when you are. Formulated specifically for our Midwestern climate, the product always remains workable without warming. You just sweep out the hole, toss in the EZ Street product, compact it and walk away.

Got a hole filled with water? No problem. EZ Street asphalt even displaces water. No need to remove it prior to application. And during freezing rain and snow, EZ Street asphalt remains workable under even the worst conditions. Get out, get the repair done, and get back inside where it’s warm. It’s so quick and easy, road closures are minimized. And so are the liabilities of having paving crews exposed to vehicular traffic. EZ Street cold asphalt: showing potholes who’s boss!

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